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Build a Cubeco house

Q Constuire
Before project

1 week


  • You already have land / We can advise you on finding land.

  • Assess your budget.

  • Select the Cubeco houses that inspire you the most and the plans that suit you.

  • Our team of architects studies your project, the urban plans of your plot and your municipality (PLU).

  • This study will quickly give you a rendering of a Cubeco house on your property, as well as a budget estimate.

Each house is unique, the plans are easily adaptable and many choices of finishes are possible:  interiors, facades, roofs, terraces...

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Cubéco - garantie
Design / building permit filing

1 to 2 months + 2 months delay for obtaining the permit


  • We schedule an appointment at our premises to discuss your needs and desires.

  • The architect draws the first plans of the house with you.

  • You choose the options (solar panels, pellet stove...).

  • We realize  the thermal study  to determine heating and cooling needs.

  • Our teams estimate the project to check that you are within your budget.

  • After validation, we prepare the building permit file, which we sign and submit to the town hall.


Our architects are at your disposal, the design is developed according to your wishes. We recommend optional solutions to reduce your energy consumption and your bills!

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Factory manufacturing

2 months  


  • Once the building permit has been accepted, we make the detailed plans of your house, the furniture if you wish, the precise interior finishes ...

  • You validate the final plan.

  • We start construction in the factory.  


The House  is manufactured in the factory in the central region and then delivered to your site. You can come and watch the making of your house!

Delivery and assembly

1 week

  • We test the house in the factory to verify that it is perfectly executed.

  • We just place the foundation piles on your land.

  • We deliver the finished modules by truck.

  • Our teams assemble the modules and carry out the final finishing touches.

  • You're home!


Cubeco houses are guaranteed for 20 years with a maintenance contract. Surface elements are easily replaceable  and the structural work, walls, floors and foundations are calibrated to last for centuries!

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Q options

How do I choose my options?



  • Cubeco offers exterior, interior and various roof finishes.

  • We are here to advise you and find the style that best suits your desires.

  • We also analyze the surrounding context and urban planning regulations.

  • Do you want a particular item, a specific supplier? No worries, we can work in partnership with the companies you want.

The House


  • Cubeco offers examples of houses but the plans can be modified according to your wishes.

  • Our architects will assess your needs and your land in order to guide you towards the choice that is most consistent with your project.



  • Our architects are there to answer your questions and determine your energy needs.

  • They will offer you multiple solutions and will highlight the energy gain but also the financial savings.

  • Within the framework of grouped operations, more ambitious systems can be put in place.

Self build


  • Do you want to do some work yourself?

  • We can deliver the house to you out of water and out of air, with just the finished facade and it's up to you to create the interior (layout, painting, furniture, etc.).

  • In order to guarantee the architectural quality of Cubeco projects, we always deliver all finished exteriors.

Cubéco - écologie

The Cubeco guarantee

Q garantie
The ten-year guarantee


  • Cubeco houses are subject to the "ten-year guarantee" for a period of 10 years.

  • Some products are guaranteed independently by their manufacturer for periods equal to or greater than 10 years.

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20 year warranty


  • Cubeco offers an optional maintenance and warranty contract from €500 per year for a period of 20 years. 

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