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Cubeco was born from the desire to design quality, ecological houses that are above all accessible to everyone. Current environmental issues invite us to quickly rethink our construction methods to move towards new, sustainable and healthy solutions.

Cubeco houses are  prefabricated in the factory  in France, thus guaranteeing exceptional quality at a very affordable price. The modules are delivered fully equipped and placed on RC foundations or screw piles. The construction site is thus reduced to a minimum and the house is immediately habitable.


All Cubeco houses  have ultra-efficient thermal insulation , they require almost no heating or air conditioning. To meet this challenge, we use straw bale insulation, this renewable and ecological material makes it possible to create a wall with high insulating power, in summer and winter alike.

Modular housing is a solution to meet contemporary environmental and social issues. Family life evolves, activities change, and the need to innovate is always stronger. Cubeco offers an architecture adapted to the needs of the 21st century.

Eric Incarbona,  

Founder of Cubeco

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Made in France

Cubéco seeks to promote reindustrialization and create non-relocatable jobs.

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A 20 year warranty

made possible thanks to the work of skilled, loyal and conscientious workers.


Controlled quality

Before leaving the factory, each module is tested and assembled. Thus, any faults are corrected immediately.

Cubeco: prefabricated houses


      Since 2015, the Cubéco team has been working on the development of a patent relating to the design of a transportable module with cellular concrete or wooden walls.  Our concern was to combine our main values, ecology and quality of execution, in a basic element:  the Cubeco module


January 2020

Filing of patent n° 20 00379

      For 2022, the  Cubeco module will be a 22 m² room consisting of:

- A reinforced concrete slab on the ground floor. 

- Load-bearing wooden walls of the Stéico type or similar. `

- Compressed straw or wood fiber insulation.  


  The upper floors will be entirely in wood and straw structure that can rise up to four floors.


A Cubeco house is made up of several juxtaposed modules.

Factory manufacturing steps

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1/ Prefabrication of the upper floor

2/ Assembly of timber frame walls 

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3/ Compressed straw insulation

4/ Installation of windows and interior equipment

On-site assembly steps


1/ Land preparation: foundations or piles

2/ Delivery and assembly of modules

3/ Living space with interior finishes

4/ Landscaping and personalization of the home

The modular architecture

Architecture modulaire

       Cubeco offers innovative architecture: modular construction with a wooden frame system and straw bale insulation. The modules are prefabricated in the factory, tested, then transported and assembled on site.

       The module lifting system is patented – this is the key to successful assembly. The industrialization of the modules has a multitude of advantages: their manufacture, which will be done in France by qualified workers, will be rapid thanks to robotic assistance. State-of-the-art technology combined with human know-how will guarantee precision and quality.

       Prefabrication reduces costs considerably compared to traditional construction. (Worksite hazards such as bad weather, loss of time, etc. The savings made by off-site construction and robotization make it possible to access Cubeco modules at very affordable prices without altering the quality of the services. They are moreover much superior to a traditional building site. 

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